303 STAIN GUARD FOR AUTO INTERIORS and Protectant for Home Interior Fabrics, Cushions, Upholstery and Carpets, 16 fl. oz. (30675)

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16 fl. oz, 30675

303® Stain Guard for Auto Fabrics & Carpets helps prevent stains and repels liquids caused by: hot coffee, soda spills, food, pet stains, and everyday dirt and mud. It is safe to use on your fabric seats, as well as the carpets/fabric floor mats of your vehicle. Unlike other products on the market, 303® Stain Guard is non-flammable, and has no harmful fumes.

  • Helps prevent stains and repels liquids
  • Helps prevent stains and repels liquids caused by: hot coffee, soda spills, food, pet stains, and everyday dirt and mud
  • Safe to use on your fabric seats, as well as the carpets and fabric floor mats of your vehicle
  • Adds a powerful coating to repel water, protect and prevent the most serious of stains
  • Safe for all fabrics, including natural fibers and synthetics
  • For the best results, thoroughly clean the fabric with 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Non-flammable

Whether your car is brand new, or 10 years old, if you are looking to keep your car’s fabric seats and carpets looking clean and like new at all times, then 303® Stain Guard for Auto Interiors is the product for you!

So no matter the spill, be sure to treat your vehicle fabrics with 303® Stain Guard to keep your car looking cleaner, longer.

Directions For Best Results:

Apply with all windows & doors open, at temperatures of 55°F or higher. Use only on thoroughly clean fabrics. Spray product onto fabric surface until evenly wet, overlapping sprayed areas in a crisscross pattern to ensure entire area has been treated. Do not over saturate. Let treated surface COMPLETELY dry/cure 12-24 hours before using. For best results, we recommend re-treating every 30-45 days, or as needed. Pour water onto fabric to determine need to retreat – if product soaks into fabric, it is time to re-treat. COVERAGE: 40-75 sq ft. (3.7-7sq.m) per 16 fl oz., depending on material and application method.

NOTE: This product is NOT a water-proofing product, it is a stain preventer. For best results, spills should be blotted up as quickly as possible.

WARNING: Do not use on vinyl, plastics, rubber, fiberglass, or finished leather. Protect these and other surfaces from overspray while using. Wipe up overspray immediately.



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If squeaky-clean leaves an unbearably streaky sheen, our Multi-Surface Cleaner removes difficult stains and rinse residue free for a superiorly spotless shine. If your passion for the pristine is rivaled only by your love of the outdoors, our Aerospace Protectant offers unwavering resistance against cracking, fading and embrittlement caused by UV rays. Aerospace Protectant dries to a clean matte finish without leaving any oily residue behind—now that’s protection. If water has the potential to rain on your parade, our Fabric Guard restores water repellency to factory-new levels. Even leading outdoor fabric manufacturer Sunbrella recommends 303 Fabric Guard as their fabric protectant of choice.

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