IdeaPaint HOME - Clear Dry Erase Paint Kit, 40 sq ft

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IdeaPaint HOME - CLEAR Dry Erase Paint Kit, 40 sq ft

40 sq. ft, HOME-40-CLEAR
  • Dry Erase Paint from IdeaPaint™ – Perfect for home use! | Helps Transform Surfaces Into Creative Spaces
  • Easy to Apply: Mix THIS with THAT. Easy single coat roller application*. Each Gloss White kit covers 40 square feet. (Actual Net Contents: 19.18-fl oz). *Primer recommended if changing surface color or applying new drywall
  • Environmentally Safe: Virtually odorless application. Environmentally friendly with low VOC. GreenGuard certified
  • Erases clean every time! Up to 3X more writing surface, compared to a standard 3’ x 4’ whiteboard. Use a damp cloth or IdeaPaint™ Cleaner spray to remove a stubborn ink residue
  • Great for: Home Offices, Playrooms, Bedrooms, Kitchens, Message Boards, Mud Rooms, Bathrooms, Basements, Garages, Workout Rooms, Countertops, Tables, Desks, Man Caves, Crafting Rooms, & more!
  • Included: IdeaPaint, 9” Roller & Instruction Booklet.

IdeaPaint™ HOME 40 SQ FT Kit - Clear | From Office Space To Play Space And Everywhere In Between – Open a can of awesomeness!

LONG LIVE YOUR WRITABLE SURFACES – IdeaPaint gives you the space you need to think, create, and collaborate. It works like a dream when you treat it well. Follow these simple tips to keep your dry erase surfaces happy & performing their best!

Directions For Best Results:

APPLY: IdeaPant Home can be directly applied to any smooth latex-type surface. PREP and PRIME steps are recommended when applying IdeaPaint™ over (a) new dry wall surface, (b) changing the color of the surface, or (c) applying over a non-latex coated surface. DO NOT INSTALL IdeaPaint HOME AT TEMPERATURES BELOW 45 DEGREES F

CLEAN: AVOID BUILD-UP OVER TIME & EXTEND THE LIFE OF YOUR IDEAPAINT SURFACES. Use our Cleaner Spray & Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. Keep them handy and use them often. Never use non-dry erase cleaners like Windex or Clorox–we’ve seen what happens when people go rogue (it’s not pretty).


    • Accidentally use permanent marker? Cover over the stain with black dry erase ink, then use IdeaPaint Cleaner and a Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to remove mark.
    • Ideas just won’t stick? We don’t recommend using tape on IdeaPaint surfaces, but our magnetic solutions might do the trick.


    • Measure space to be painted. Height x Width = Square Footage
    • IdeaPaint Kits are specifically formulated to provide coverage up to the indicated sizes. DO NOT STRETCH PAINT. Attempts to increase coverage area may result in reduced product performance
    • IdeaPaint™ dries quickly. Use wet-on-wet technique and apply IdeaPaint in sections, each 5-ft wide by the entire height
    • IdeaPaint can be initially be written on 7 days after application
    • IdeaPaint surfaces continue to cure over time. Writing and erasing performance will continuously improve through the curing period


IdeaPaint Instructions

About IdeaPaint


IdeaPaint exists to inspire and encourage everyone, every day to reach their creative and productive potential. Their signature product, a high-performing dry erase paint, transforms virtually any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, giving people the space they need to fully explore their big ideas. The magic of IdeaPaint lies in its ability to transform passive space into active environments—to spur the collaborative spirit that lives within all of us, and accelerate ideation for better, faster results.

It’s advanced chemistry, but profoundly low-tech. IdeaPaint has brought the human element back to more than 150,000 offices, schools and homes around the world by simply getting people on their feet, working together and exploring their creativity wherever ideas happen. Our company has been celebrated by the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Fast Company and CNBC as a tool that has a profound impact on the process, experience and outcome of bringing ideas to life.


IdeaPaint was founded by John Goscha in 2002 as a college freshman. The “idea” for IdeaPaint came out of a brainstorming session in the e-tower, a dorm for entrepreneurs at Babson College (Wellesley, MA). True to the entrepreneurial spirit of the school, the students decided to cover their walls in large sheets of paper to write down their ideas. As their ideas grew the paper became filled with writing and had to be torn down and replaced– writing on the walls was great, but there had to be a better way!

Through their persistence and skill, John and Marty (co-inventors) successfully created the first dry-erase paint product for IdeaPaint that showed true commercial promise. IdeaPaint launched in a big way at a Chicago Trade Show, where IdeaPaint won numerous prestigious awards. From then on...the rest as they say is history!

Dearborn Supply & IdeaPaint

...Fast forward to 2017. Dearborn Supply became one of the exclusive retailer of IdeaPaint HOME – to bring the power of IdeaPaint beyond the boardroom and classroom, into any creative space, everywhere! We are proud to work with IdeaPaint as the premier product of its kind. We cannot wait for you to try, and discover the difference too.