POR-15 49033 Epoxy Putty - 16 oz.

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POR-15® EPOXY PUTTY – Black, 4 oz. (118 mL), 49013

'Unbelievable', that's what restorers say when they see a demonstration of this incredible EPOXY PUTTY product

It's so strong you can drill and tap it, yet gentle enough that you can apply it with your bare fingers.

You can simply wet your fingers, and work with it until it is almost perfectly smooth before it dries - eliminating most sanding! But when it cures, it's ROCK HARD, making it perfect for repairing steel, plastics, concrete, etc. Amazingly, it even sticks to damp surfaces, and will cure UNDERWATER, so it can be used to fix leaking basement walls, swimming pools, plumbing fixtures and so much more. Put some EPOXY PUTTY in your toolbox today. You'll find yourself using it all over your shop and home.

  • Epoxy Putty bonds, seals, fills, anchors, caulks and waterproofs
  • Cut what you need...no measuring, no weighing
  • Good “feel”...mixes easily, smooth into place with your wet fingertips
  • Adheres to damp surfaces...even cures under water
  • It cures chemically, doesn’t shrink
  • No odor, cleans up with water before hardening


POR-15® EPOXY PUTTY Product Sheet
POR-15® POR Patch Directions