RECOLOR Paint Recycled Interior Latex Paint Wall Finish, 1 Quart, Interior - Burlap

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Recolor Interior Finish, Burlap, 1 Quart – 100% Professionally Recycled Latex Paint Recolor collects leftover paint from cities and towns, property managers, paint contractors, business owners and homeowners all over the United States and beyond. Utilizing a process that involves rigorous screening and quality control, Recolor produces a paint that is 100% recycled content – the highest recycled content available – thereby maximizing environmental benefits such as: Natural resource conservation. Reduction of waste. Reduction of air and water pollution. Reduced need for landfill space. Paint, produced under the Recolor brand, is a great value for a greener future. PREPARATION AND APPLICATION - Use as a top coat or primer on all properly prepared new or painted surfaces. May be used on wood, concrete, vinyl and aluminum siding or metal surfaces that have been properly primed. As with all latex paint application, a clean, dry surface is required. - Avoid using if the exterior or surface temperature is below 40ºF and on damp or rainy days. - Always mix well. When using multiple batches, to obtain color consistency, blend all paint together before painting. Paint may be applied with a roller, brush or spray. If necessary, paint may be thinned with water, although the addition of no more than 10% by volume is recommended. - Drying time 2-6 hours. High humidity and temperatures below 50ºF will prolong drying time ABOUT US – Recolor Paints, LLC is owned and operated by two women with backgrounds in painting, design and biochemistry who recognized a need to make use of surplus paint. It is the first business of its kind in Massachusetts and it accepts latex and water-based paint for recycling. Paint is sourced primarily from Massachusetts towns, homeowners, business owners and contractors looking to dispose of their leftover paint properly and responsibly.