Skinnies Family Twin Pack, SPF30 Sungel Original 3.4oz and Skinnies KIDS River Rascal 3.4oz

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Skinnies is a game changer for sunscreen. ItÕs sustainably made using zero water, so you use less and waste less. Designed for busy parents and active families, the Skinnies Family Twin Pack gives you the best of both worlds. No longer do you need to wrestle your kids slopping on white sunscreen. We have saved the day with Skinnies pea size blob for face, neck and ears application. NO nasties and reef safe. Includes 1x Skinnies Kids SPF50 3.4oz with River Rascal packaging design by Japanese Pop Artist and 1x Skinnies Sungel SPF30 3.4oz for everyday lifestyle. Skinnies is great for face & body. It rubs in clear and adapts to all skin colours with no white & sticky residue. ItÕs a balmy cocoa-butter texture that bonds to the top of the skin holding the UV actives in place and wonÕt evaporate or sweat off, or sting the eyes like traditional sunscreen.