Skinnies KIDS Sun Cream Gel SPF50, River Rascal, Broad Spectrum, Water Resistant, 3.4oz

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Skinnies is a game changer for sunscreen. ItÕs sustainably made using zero water, so you use less and waste less. No longer do you need to wrestle your kids slopping on white sunscreen. We have saved the day with Skinnies pea size blob for face, neck and ears application. NO nasties and reef safe. Normal sunscreen is made using 50-70% water. Yup water!! ThatÕs why you need to slop on a lot and reapply every couple of hours. Not with Skinnies! As recognized by leading Dermatologists along with many global awards, Skinnies is paving the way for new sunscreen technology. ItÕs made using Skinnies innovative Organogel method which is a lipid gel that bonds to the top of the skin and holds the UV actives in place so it doesnÕt sweat off or evaporate from the skin like traditional sunscreen. Specifically designed for active kids who love outdoor adventure, Skinnies Kids is SPF50 broad spectrum, and 2 hours water resistant. It makes parents life so much easier not having to coat and apply so much white sunscreen that kids scream and wiggle about. The texture is like a soft honey colour gel with a yummy non-allergenic coconut fragrance, kids love it.