A little about us

Dearborn Supply: Your Trusted Partner for Amazon Success

With a decade of experience and over $100 million in Amazon sales, we're a leading e-commerce company offering unparalleled value to brands. Leveraging advanced technology, we optimize pricing and analyze market trends for maximum profitability.

As your wholesale buyer, we shoulder inventory risks while aligning our goals with yours. You can focus on selling, while we handle cash flow, storage fees, and unsold inventory. Maintain your brand identity at no cost as we take care of product photography, copywriting, keyword research, and SEO optimization.

Our partnership is built on trust and flexibility. No contracts, no strings attached. We pay you upfront for your products, ensuring smooth cash flow. Count on us as your strategic ally, safeguarding your brand integrity and helping you grow your sales and profits.

Powering Growth with Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize cutting-edge technology and advanced data mining software like OpenAI, Teikametrics, and Helium10 to analyze market trends, optimize pricing, monitor inventory levels, prevent stockouts, and ensure fast order fulfillment, maximizing sales performance and profitability.


We love great products and great companies...maybe even more than our customers do! Please feel free get in touch with us. Our loyal and satisfied customers will be glad you did.

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